13 Rules for Swingers








1. Always show respect for the personal attitudes, feelings, & hang-ups of others & maintain a continuing desire to better understand them.

2. Exude human emotion & warmth, but understand the type of emotional involvement which is properly reserved for a spouse.

3. Never attempt to divide a home.

4. Help newcomers locate themselves within a relaxed social environment wherein a satisfying personal life may be achieved.

5. Always keep dates unless you give ample notice of changing circumstances.

6. Always keep the first meeting on a no strings attached basis, but be prepared to swing if it is mutually agreeable or to give an honest answer to your intended partner if something doesn't click.

7. If married, continue at every juncture to discuss openly your problems & views with your spouse.

8. Never, under any circumstances, exert pressure on a partner to swing.

9. Never disparage others religious convictions.

10. Restrict discussions of swinging in public places to known swingers & interested persons seeking information.

11. Protect the anonymity of others by refraining from unauthorized name dropping.

12. Always maintain the highest of standards in personal cleanliness and appearance.

13. Do not engage in any unlawful activity that would bring discredit upon swingers as a group.

From A Swinger Creed
The Book of Sex Lists


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